Core-Coordinated Elliptic Polymer Nanoparticles Loading Copper(II) and Chlorambucil for Cooperative Chemodynamic/Chemotherapy

Qiu, X. et al., Biomacromolecules, 2022, 4519–4531,

Chemodynamic therapy (CDT) reflects an innovative cancer treatment modality. To enhance its relatively low therapeutic efficiency, rational combination with extra therapeutic modes is highly appreciated. Here, core-coordinated amphiphilic, elliptic polymer nanoparticles (Cu/CBL–POEGEA NPs) are constructed via the self-assembly of a glutathione (GSH)-responsive polymer–drug conjugate. Side-chain acylthiourea (ATU) motifs are affixed, which behave as ligands capable of coordinating Cu(II). Benefitting from the GSH-induced reduction reaction, Cu(II) is converted into Cu(I) and subsequently react with endogenous H2O2 to create OH, realizing GSH-depletion-promoted CDT. Additionally, the disulfide bond endows GSH-responsive CBL release and provokes further GSH decline, finally realizing combined CDT/CT toward enhancing antitumor outcomes, and in vitro as well as in vivo studies indeed reveal remarkable efficacy. Copyright © 2022, American Chemical Society