Self-healing nanocomposites via N-doped GO promoted “click chemistry

Siva Prasanna Sanka, R. V. et al., Soft Matter, 2023, 98-105,

N-doped graphene stabilized Cu(I)-catalyzed self-healing nanocomposites are developed, demonstrating the use of N-doped graphene as both a nanostructured material for enhancing mechanical and conductive properties to trigger self-healing via “click chemistry”. Due to an increase in electron density on nitrogen atom doping, including the coordination of N-doped rGO with Cu+ ions, nitrogen-doped graphene-supported copper particles demonstrate a higher reaction yield at room temperature without adding any external ligand/base. Tensile measurements were also performed using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to support the findings. Given the enormous importance of autonomic repair of materials damage, this concept here reports a trustworthy and reliable chemical system with a high level of robustness. Published with a permission of the Royal Society of Chemistry 2023.