7. June 2020

Orthogonal Modification of Polymers via Thio–Bromo “Click” Reaction and Supramolecular Chemistry: An Easy Method Toward Head-to-Tail Self-Assembled Supramolecular Polymers.

Chen, S., et al. ACS Macro Letters 2015, 4, 48-52, DOI:

The successful synthesis of the heterotelechelic H-bonding polymer Ba-PnBuA-HW (Mn,NMR = 7700 g/mol, Mn,SEC = 7500 g/mol, PDI = 1.25) was accomplished. Self-assembly in a head-to-tail fashion driven by multiple H-bondings in solution and in the bulk was proven by temperature-dependent 1H NMR, concentration-dependent DOSY NMR studies, and rheological measurements. Reproduced with permission. Copyright 2015©, American Chemical Society.