5. June 2020

Gating effects of conductive polymeric ionic liquids.

Chen, S., et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2018,6 (30), 8242-8250, DOI:

In this study, we investigate POILs as a gating material within a field-effect transistor, additionally describing their glassy dynamics and charge transport properties. The gating effects of these POILs are studied in detail, showing for the first time a reversible phase transition between thin films formed from the brownmillertite phase SrCoO2.5 and the perovskite phase SrCoO3 by use of such POILs. This is especially pronounced for POIL 1: P(APMIN(Tf)2) homopolymer displaying gate voltages (VG) of 3–4 V and a gating time of ∼4 h. Reproduced by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry.