2. June 2020

Dynamic Ordering and Phase Segregation in Hydrogen-Bonded Polymers.

Chen, S., et al. Accounts of Chemical Research 2016, 49 (7), 1409-1420, DOI:

Hydrogen bonds (H-bonds) constitute highly relevant structural units of molecular self-assembly. They bridge biological and synthetic sciences, implementing dynamic properties into materials and molecules, not achieved via purely covalent bonds. We here discuss the phase segregation of H-bonding polymers in both the solution and solid state, wherein the molecular recognition elements are based on multiple H-bonding moieties. Our studies prove that phase segregation in H-bonding polymers is an important principle, capable to generate nanostructures and dynamic properties not achieved in covalently linked polymers. The results discussed illustrate that a rational architectural design within H-bonding polymer systems in interplay with phase segregation in both the amorphous and crystalline state opens perspectives to develop artificial supramolecular systems approaching the level of complexities and properties present in nature’s biomaterials. Reproduced with permission. Copyright 2016©, American Chemical Society.