3. June 2020

Designing melt flow of poly(isobutylene)-based ionic liquids.

Stojanovic, A., et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2013,1 (39), 12159-12169, DOI:

A series of novel poly(isobutylene)-based stable ionic liquids (PIB-ILs) with strongly temperature dependent nano- and mesostructures is reported. Modifying both the anchored cation and anion as well as the molecular weight of the attached polymer chain, the nanostructure and the viscoelastic behavior of PIB-ILs can be engineered. All investigated PIB-ILs exhibited a defined nano- and mesoscale ordering at room temperature, whereas the nature of the anchored cation showed a strong impact on the temperature-dependence of the mesoscale-structure as well as on the flow behavior of PIB-ILs. Reproduced by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry.