11. June 2020

Catalyst free self-healable vitrimer/graphene oxide nanocomposites.

Krishnakumar, B., et al. Composites Part B: Engineering 2020, 184, 107647,DOI:

Catalyst free graphene oxide (GO) promoted self-healing vitrimer nanocomposites are designed, where the synthesized vitrimer nanocomposites displays self-healing properties via disulfide exchange based covalent adaptive network behavior. This study found that GO based nanofiller enhance the self-healing properties, including the shape memory and flexural strength of the materials. The GO induced lower glass transition was helpful to achieve low temperature self-healing: when compared to epoxy vitrimers (73% and 60% self-healing) the vitrimeric nanocomposites demonstrates a 88% and 80% self-healing for the first and second cycle, respectively. Reproduced with permission. Copyright 2019© Elsevier B. V.